Oxygen and Respiration Made Easy

You don’t need to be a respiratory expert, that’s what we are here for. Alpine Home Medical offers an extended line of home care oxygen and respiratory equipment.

List of Oxygen and Respiratory Services

  • CPAP Training Classes

    CPAP set up classes taught by a knowledgeable Respiratory Therapist.

  • Travel Concentrators

    Airline-approved travel concentrators for you or your family members.

  • PAP and BiPAP

    We prove both PAP and BiPAP breathing units for our customers.

  • Oxygen Home Delivery

    Home Fill system and setups delivered directly to the safety of your home.

  • Oxygen Batteries

    Conserving Devices built and provided for our Oxygen Tank products.

  • Conserving Devices

    Conserving Devices built and provided for our Oxygen Tank products.

Educational CPAP Setup Classes

We offer CPAP Setup classes for every individual who is going home with CPAP equipment for the first time. Our highly trained Respiratory Therapists teach you everything you will need to know about your at-home therapy.

Get Your Respiration & Breathing Needs Addressed

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    Through our online resources or in-person events, learn how to use the equipment.

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    Life life on your terms.

Hear from our Patients

Respiratory FAQ

How do I know if I need a CPAP?

If you are not getting the quality or quantity of sleep that leaves you feeling thoroughly rested. The first step is to seek guidance from a professional doctor. With over 88 sleep disorders it’s likely that if you seek help you can remedy whatever is causing the issue.

What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is an oxygen tank that stores pressurized oxygen, and the capacity of a standard D sized cylinder is about 400 liters

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator draws oxygen from the air, and concentrates the oxygen into 90% - 95% purity. There is no refilling or top up required for an oxygen concentrator, and it requires a power supply to operate.

What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator, or POC, has a rechargeable internal battery, and can be operated via power supply as well. Usually the POC works on a pulse dose basis and delivers oxygen when a breath is detected.

Can I travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Yes, the POC was designed to be brought together during travels such as road trips or overseas air travel. The POC is FAA approved and can be taken on board an aircraft. However, please seek approval with the various airlines that you are traveling on.

Is my Respiratory Therapy covered by my insurance?

Most likely, yes. Alpine Home Medical accepts most major insurances plans in both Utah and Idaho. You are welcome to check out our insurance page to check for your insurance.

Oxygen Equipment Instructions

At Alpine Home Medical, we’re committed to helping you breath easily and safely. To learn about guidelines about oxygen concentrators, HomeFill compressor, and Portable Oxygen Cylinder, please click the link below.