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If you’re new to rehab and experiencing all of this for the first time it can feel overwhelming and often terms are used that you will not be familiar with. This list is compiled to help guide you to feel more comfortable navigating your way with Rehab. 

Common Terms

  • ADL: Activities of Daily Living
  • AT: Assistive Technology
  • ATP: Assistive Technology Professional
  • CRT: Complex Rehab Technology
  • IADL: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • IPELR: Independent Power/Motorized Elevating Leg Rest
  • IPM: Interface Pressure Mapping
  • MWC/MW: Manual Wheelchair
  • OT: Occupational Therapy
  • PC: After Meals
  • PO: By Mouth
  • PM: Power Mobility
  • PRN: As needed
  • PT: Physical Therapy
  • QD: Every Day
  • QH: Every Hour
  • QID: Four times a day
  • QOD: Every other day


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