TRU-Balance® 3

TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems feature an innovative design that maximizes functional independence while providing an appealing look and feel. TRU-Balance 3 has the ability for quick and easy fine-tuning adjustments to ensure maximum comfort and positioning. Available configurations include power tilt, power recline, power articulating foot platform, and static seating.

Optional 12″ iLevel® power-adjustable seat height is available on the Edge 3 Stretto™, Edge® 3, Q6 Edge® 2.0, Q6 Edge® Z, and Q6 Edge 2.0 X, and 10″ of safe seat elevation is offered on the 4Front®.

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Product Features

  • Internally or externally rotate cantilever armrests for optimal positioning
  • Easily retrofit power tilt, recline, and power adjustable seat lift
  • Complimentary cup holder
  • Optional attendant control available
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