MoliCare Mobile ideal-fit Extra Disposable Underwear

Size Medium fits waists 32 to 47 inches. Designed for the active person with heavier needs, who prefers the feel of pull-on underwear. High level absorbency, wide core, along with ample room between leg cuffs and tall leak guards all protect against side leaks. Molicare products contain unique curly fibers to absorb moisture rapidly with a very soft interior top layer which feels as comfortable on the skin as cotton underwear. Quiet cloth-like outer shell, narrow belly bands at the waist reduce bulk, and extra polymers for a thin absorbency profile create the appearance of underwear underneath clothing. Hypoallergenic latex free materials and soft breathable waterproof fabric reduce skin irritation while maintaining a skin-friendly pH level. Molicare Premium Mobile makes you feel confident when you are away from home that you can be out and about without leaking. Triple banded leg gathers and double banded leak guards along with a wide core provide a level of leakage protection for both bladder and bowel incontinence that is usually reserved for a tab-style product. Moderate to Heavy incontinence is addressed in this pull-on style absorbent disposable underwear that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. MoliCare products have been verified by 3 independent clinical tests as hypoallergenic and are designed to be extremely well-tolerated by those with sensitive skin. Air Active technology allows breathability so that body temperature self-regulates when you are in motion. Color bands indicate front. Latex Free. Made in Germany.

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Product Features

  • Graduated wetness indicator allows less intrusive checks to determine if void is present
  • Dermatologically tested materials minimize the risk for allergic reactions
  • Reduces unpleasant odor and maintains optimum skin health
  • Inner cuff system helps maximize leakage protection
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