FitRight Bladder Control Pads: Ultimate

Laugh! Dance! Workout! With FitRight pads, you can forget about those pesky leaks that you can’t control.
They’re made with breathable, super-soft materials and a slim design that’s shaped to fit your body comfortably for protection that moves with you.
Nobody needs to know you’re wearing a FitRight pad except you. That’s why it’s made thin and super absorbent to keep you dry and prevent embarrassing odors with no “crinkly” liner.
They’re unscented, so you don’t have that annoying baby-powder smell that the pads in the drugstore have.

Fabric-like backing and soft, curvy elastics around the sides for leak control on the Moderate, Maximum, and Ultimate pads.
The Ultimate pads are 5.5″ x 15.75″. Individually wrapped with an adhesive strip to keep the pad in place.

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Product Features

  • Discreet contoured design features absorbent core to lock in moisture and odor and keep skin dry
  • Waterproof backsheet is soft, comfortable and fabric-like; won't make crinkle noises like plastic backsheets
  • Moisture-wicking topsheet features a tasteful design for feminine appearance
  • Adhesive strip gently holds the pad in place in any type of underwear
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