Getting Up After a Fall: Cerebral Palsy

August 13, 2020

Anyone with adaptive needs or cares for someone with adaptive needs knows the fear of falling without help to get back up.
“If we don’t always have someone around and god forbid we fall, we have to learn how to pick ourselves up,” says Stephanie, an ambitious young woman born with Cerebral Palsey.

Using her passion for fitness to fuel her drive, she teaches anyone battling with the fear of falling while alone, how to train their body to allow them to get back up using her crutches. “This isn’t something that happened overnight…but the more you do it, the easier it gets.” Steph encourages her viewers.

This lesson is valuable, both physically & mentally, she explains, “Getting up and off the ground is a vital part of life.”

Consult your doctor before attempting the video linked below.

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