Your Chair Fitting Timeline

1 Scheduled
Duration: 1 Week
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Physical assessment
  • Gather measurements
  • If paying cash, chair goes into production
2 Medical
Duration: 3-6 Weeks
  • Alpine team filed documentation
  • Assess need for rental equipment
  • Documents sent to physician for approval
  • Submit approved documentation to funding source
3 Funding
Duration: 4-8 Weeks
  • Clarifications & appeals if neccessary
  • Wait time for approval
4 Building
the Chair
Duration: 2-6 Weeks
  • Order components/parts
  • Verify correct parts ordered
  • Assemble & perform quality assessment
5 Delivery
of Chair
Duration: ASAP
  • Schedule date, time, & place
  • Fitting & adjustments
  • Training of functionality

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Scheduled Assessment Process

STEP 1: Clinical Eval

The purpose of the clinical evaluation is to determine your mobility goals. It’s critical to our team that you feel heard & respected during this process! Your clinical team documents your medical and surgical history and makes a list of wants/needs specified by you and your caregiver.

STEP 2: Physical Assessment

The physical assessment typically begins with a mat evaluation. During this evaluation, an occupational or physical therapist tests your functional mobility skills. They will also test skills related to your activities of daily living (ADL). Your ATP may also use trial equipment to evaluate how other technological options that can improve your mobility.

After the mat evaluation, your ATP and clinical team will asses your balance and utilize a “pressure mapping” tool to assist in evaluating and selecting optimal seating solutions. This process helps identify any points of contact that may be highly susceptible to pressure injuries. After gathering this information, our team recommends the most appropriate mobility base and seating. You are then empowered to optimize your overall experience inside your wheelchair. We realize how much time you spend in your seat & take every measure to ensure your comfort.

STEP 3: Measurements

The final step is essential for your overall comfort & ability to stay in your chair for extended amounts of time. Your ATP takes a series of measurements; the linear and angular measurements are necessary to design a customized wheelchair and seating system specific to your personal and medical needs.

  • Trunk and Thigh depth
  • Hip and Knee width
  • Elbow and Lower Leg height
  • Trunk angle and Thigh to lower leg angle, etc.

Once this part of the process has concluded, the funding & creation of your chair can begin & within weeks; you will be able to start your new life in your perfectly customized chair.

Medical Documentation Process

The process flows as follows:

  1. Your Alpine team ensures the correct forms get properly completed & all requirements are met (The funding source and state regulation outline these requirements). The forms sent in for review by your physician, who then documents agreement with the evaluation. This step is necessary for approval on the corresponding alignment of medical necessity to the suggested equipment based on your medical history and current condition.
  2. Once the physician agrees with the recommendations sent over by your ATP and clinical team, the order can move forward. If there is an problem or additional clarification needed, we work with the physician to address all concerns and make necessary adjustments.
  3. Once medical documentation finalizes, the order gets submitted to the funding source for approval.