Caregiver’s Guide to Support

Family caregivers take on an extreme amount of responsibility; often, they become full-time caregivers overnight. The caregiver’s role requires taking care of essential needs your family member needs to survive, everything from cooking and cleaning to managing medications, looking after finances, managing doctor appointments etc… Doing it all for someone you love can be beautiful […]

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End of Summer: Social Distancing Activities

Corona Virus cases are on the rise, because of this it’s essential to keep safety in mind as we find ways to enjoy “End of summer” activities! We’ve gathered a small list of three social distancing approved “get together” ideas. While safety is always the priority, this gives everyone the opportunity to let their creativity […]

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Getting Up After a Fall: Cerebral Palsy

Anyone with adaptive needs or cares for someone with adaptive needs knows the fear of falling without help to get back up. “If we don’t always have someone around and god forbid we fall, we have to learn how to pick ourselves up,” says Stephanie, an ambitious young woman born with Cerebral Palsey. Using her […]

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5 Best wheelchair outdoor adventures: Utah

Ogden Nature Center: Located in the heart of Ogden, you’ll find a 152-acre nature preserve and education center open to the public year-round. The Ogden Nature Center offers a wide variety of activities, from walking trails to educational programs for all ages. Many attractions are ADA inclusive! George S Eccles Dinosaur Park: The Dinosaur Park […]

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I got my chair now what? A Helpful Guide to your “New Normal”

Becoming part of the adaptive needs community doesn’t exactly come with a “how-to” guide. Whether you’re a caregiver or the wheelchair occupant navigating your new lifestyle can feel like you’re wandering through the dark. This guide will assist you on your journey to finding your “new normal”.   Where do I find necessary home equipment? […]

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